Wednesday, December 2 2015

Using Kratom as a Workout Supplement

One of the best ways to use kratom, especially stimulating kratom like maeng da and thai is for working out. Maeng da, especially, has the ability to provide a ridiculous endurance which can help you get a few more reps out before calling it for the day.

Before my workout the past week, I’ve been taking maeng da in combination with Cellucor and the combination of the two, along with some occasional caffeine. This combination has been among the best energy boosting stack I’ve taken, and I highly suggest it.


For those who prefer to go the natural route, taking a good dose of yerba mate instead of cellucor seems to add a strong level of energy to the kratom. This combo is awesome for other demanding and non-physical work as well.

Hopefully these combinations will do you some good, I know they’ve been pretty awesome for me. I’ll continue testing and let you guys know if I find some more gold.

Monday, November 30 2015

Kratom Grind Differences in Effects

Medium_Grind_Kratom.jpeAlthough there are thousands upon thousands of different kratom articles, I’ve never seen anyone post anything about the different grinds of kratom powders. Each different grind tends to give different effects and durations.

Flour-Ground kratom is usually extremely quick to kick in with a defined peak and strongest, but also shortest in length.

Medium-Grind powdered kratom is great for everyday usage. Although it isn’t as readily potent as flour grind kratom, it lasts a lot longer and is great for those in pain. Most companies, including coastal-kratom, tend to carry this.

Densely-Ground kratom, although it isn’t as common as it once was, still has a lot of uses. When I was dealing with pain, I used a potent and densely ground bali, which would last up to 8 hours of pain relief, and would supplement with a flour ground kratom if the pain got worse.

The best way to get densely-ground kratom is to make it yourself by buying leaf, although this is harder these days to find, it is still available, and with a coffee grinder, it is quite easy.

Wednesday, November 25 2015

Some of my Tips to Find a Good Kratom Vendor

Finding_a_Good_Kratom_Supplier.jpeIn one of my last posts, I wrote about my experiences with buying kratom online for the first time. This time, I’m going to focus on my trial and error with vendors, which I briefly talked about.

After being given great kratom for the first time, I immediately took to finding the best kratom vendors and strains. The process took almost a year to get to the point where I had a strong amount of experience with all the different kratom suppliers around, and my research and trial and error still continues to this day.

Tips on Kratom Suppliers

1. The first tip that I can offer is to never buy in bulk from a kratom supplier that you haven’t tried before. I have made this mistake several times and it has cost me several hundred dollars and bags of bunk kratom that I still haven’t used to this day. While I don’t always suggest buying in the smallest possible amount, keeping it low for your first time is good.

2. Ask for Samples. Literally all of the best kratom vendors that I have used have gladly provided kratom samples when combined with another order. Any intelligent business will, as samples will always lead to more sales in the future. A kratom company that isn’t willing to add samples with a kratom purchase isn’t worth buying from, because either their product isn’t good, or their business is run poorly. Either way, it is not worth it.

3. Find the right strains. This is a tough one, because every kratom vendor tends to offer different strains to a certain extent. If you know how a certain type of strain affects you from past use, it is usually a good place to start. As I stated earlier, if you can try multiple strains from the same vendor at once, through sample packs or other means, it is ideal.

4. Don’t be afraid to email the vendor and ask what their favorite strain is. This has led me to a lot of purchases I’m satisfied with which I wouldn’t normal make, or have expected. Kratom vendors will want you to get the best kratom, and they know you will be back.

5. Take the advice of prominent kratom organizations and users. By reading reviews and guides like this one, I have saved myself a ton of time and wasted money. There is plenty of good information online, and hopefully this guide is included and can be of use as well.

6. If you like a vendor, try their other strains. Typically, kratom vendors tend to buy from the same supplier or group of suppliers and their kratom tends to remain stable. For this reason, if you like a particular strain from a vendor, try some of their others.

I hope these tips help you find a great kratom supplier, and I hope that my past experience can be of value. Cheers!

Tuesday, November 17 2015

Abating Withdrawal Symptoms with Kratom, a Video

After my post about the awful depiction of kratom in the news, I thought I would share one of the many real-life stories about how helpful kratom can be to those suffering from withdrawal and addiction.

Monday, November 9 2015

My Experiences with Getting Good Kratom Online


When I started taking kratom, I had no idea that it was going to be a powerful benefit in my life. The reason for this, is because my first experiences were with extremely weak kratom. Even at high doses, the effects were comparable to drinking green tea, even at high doses. Initially, this discouraged me and I didn’t try it again for around six months.

My second time around, I was much more lucky. A friend had asked me about kratom and my experiences with it, and I told him that it didn’t do much for me, good or ill, and he seemed to think that strange. I asked him why, and he told me about his glowing experience and within minutes he was making me kratom tea.

This time was completely different. I choked down this bitter tasting concoction over the period of 20 minutes, and by the time the last sip was taken, I was already feeling different. I knew immediately that this plant was going to have a home in my medicine cabinet for a long time.

I asked my friend where he got it, a vendor that is no longer in existence sadly, and he told me. I learned quickly how I messed up, and hopefully can shed some light on the topic so you don’t make the same mistake as I did.

What I Did Wrong

The first thing that I did wrong was buy kratom from a company that didn’t specialize in selling kratom alone. In fact, this company was a hole-in-the-wall company that came up for an obscure kratom search. Being imprudent, I didn’t read any reviews on the kratom and didn’t know enough about strains to have an idea where to start ... I basically picked the first strain that I saw.

My advice is to find suppliers that sell kratom alone, as in my experience they tend to have a much better product. Additionally, never go to brick-and-mortar shops for kratom, you know the type, as they are highly overpriced and typically pretty weak.

There are a few good places to purchase kratom powder online like Enso, and there are others, such as which sells pretty good kratom, but is very cheap. Good for someone who wants to buy in bulk, especially.

The strain is important as well, and I can’t overstate this. If you are new, you are not going to know which strains will suit you best. Because of this, buying a sample pack is typically a good idea, if they are available from the kratom vendor. Even if they aren’t available, a lot of times good vendors will be willing to send you some samples if you order another strain, just send them a message.

Like finding a good restaurant in your area, the most helpful thing is going to be reviews, but like yelp, often the reviews can be fake, so use discretion when searching. Hopefully my experiences can be of some use to you; if it wasn’t for my generous friend, I would have written of this great plant entirely, and I hope you never do the same.

Wednesday, November 4 2015

The Abundance of Misinformation

I’ve been reading a lot of information kratom websites recently, and I’ve found that for as much good information out there, there is bad information. One of the main sources of awful information, as you might have guessed, is from the media. Biased news articles like this: give kratom a bad name, and detract from how beneficial this plant can be.

For those who don’t know, kratom is about as addictive as caffeine and has similar withdrawal symptoms, with one exception: disturbance of sleep. With caffeine withdrawal, all you will want to do is sleep, with kratom, it will be difficult.

Kratom has been a huge help to thousands upon thousands of people, and many people have used it to rid themselves of truly awful addictions. Articles like this frustrate me more than I can express, and although I’m the biggest proponent of free speech, people have a right to know the facts instead of simple and heavily biased opinions.

Saturday, October 31 2015

The Many Uses of Maeng Da

maeng_da_uses.jpeIt’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on maeng da, or taken the strain, but it is still undoubtedly one of my favorites. It’s apparent that I tend to favor the more sedating strains, whereas those around me tend to like stimulating strains, so I’m always around maeng da, and it certainly has its uses.

My First Maeng Da Experience

The first time I tried maeng da, I remember working on a University writing assignment. While sitting there almost brain-dead with a bad case of writer’s block, a got up to get a drink and came back. As I started drinking, I felt something slowly changing. I started to feel physically comfortable, and my restlessness at not being able to write anything meaningful disappeared, and in its place, came a flow of thoughts.

Unlike when I usually technical assignments, each sentence is a deliberate rational step from one sentence to another, but with maeng da kicking in, my thoughts became more abstract. Instead of slowly and deliberately writing my paper, I came up with 600 words of notes in less than 7 minutes, and within 10 minutes I was able to piece it into a very impressive work. Of all strains of kratom, maeng da seems to be the most mentally active. For me, there is a palpable change in my stream of consciousness, which is great when trying to get into the mindset to write or do any other creative work.

The Standard Effects

For me, I can tell when maeng da starts to kick in because I get a very energetic, but also paradoxically calm, sense of focus and purpose. It’s as if my mind starts to lock-on to a topic that I think about, but while keeping a high level of abstraction. As I’ve described, you can tell it could be fairly useful for writing and creative pursuits. The most notable effect is the energy. When doing physical activity, I feel that I could run a mile without strain. The endurance-promoting effects are extremely notable when it comes to things that would typically drain me mentally, like statistics.

The main reason that I typically don’t take maeng da, is because in most situations I don’t much enjoy unnecessary stimulation and energy, probably from bad experiences with childhood ADHD medication, but in a lot of circumstance I’ll admit that it can be very helpful.

While my content is more casual, Enso has a good maeng da post which details the most commonly experienced effects, as well as the origin, which is pretty interesting to learn about.

Personal Preference

One thing that I’ve learned with maeng da kratom is that people either tend to love it, or hate it. Regardless, it is highly potent as far as energy and painkilling potential, and it has a lot potential overall. If you haven’t tried maeng da, I definitely recommend it above almost any other type of kratom just because of how well it typically received as well as its potency. There are plenty of good vendors that sell maeng da that you can check out online, be sure to try it out for different purposes and see how you like it.

Tuesday, October 27 2015

About Kratom Tolerance Breaks

As I noted in my first post, after not weighing out kratom I wound up having to take a tolerance break in order to get the beneficial effects from kratom out. I’ll give you a little bit of advice about tolerance breaks if you’re using kratom daily, because getting off of kratom quickly can uncomfortable, and for me, as a daily user, it ruins my sleep schedule.

When starting out a tolerance break, the best thing to do is take half of your normal dosage for a period of a week, and after this week drop in half. Otherwise, the withdrawal symptoms of kratom, no matter how mild, can regular tasks like work hard to focus on, similar to caffeine withdrawal.

A good tolerance break can be slightly uncomfortable for sleep as I noted, so it is good to take a small dosage of kratom before bed, even if getting off cold turkey. By getting a good night’s sleep, it makes the whole process a lot easier and doesn’t seem to make the process take any longer.

Tuesday, October 20 2015

Why Keep Kratom Dosages Accurate

kratom_spoon_dosage.jpeFor programmers, you could call this my “hello world” post. As an introduction, I’ll tell you a little story about why it’s important to weigh your kratom dosage. As I’ve been taking kratom for a few years, and in that time I went from weighing precise dosages to estimates.

The problem with estimates, is that you underestimate how much you are taking. This leads to not only problems like wobbles, but it can cause a pretty bad tolerance build-up on accident. I learned this the hard way, and kratom wound up almost entirely ineffective and I had to wind up taking a tolerance break, which I’ll tell you about in a future post. If you want to get the most out of your kratom, weighing it out can prevent you from some annoyances.